COVID19 and mountain shelters

COVID19 and mountain shelters

New rules of use

General conditions

It is essential to know, before going to a refuge or mountain hostel of the FAM in this year 2020, the new rules of use of the same due to the Covid crisis19.

Please, spread them among all the members of the group that are going to go to the shelter. It is everyone's responsibility to know them, take them into account before going up to the shelters and comply with them once in them.


  • Due to the important limitations in the number of accommodation places and the closure of free kitchens, the minimum service in shelters without access by car will be Half Board and in those with access by vehicle it will be Bed and Breakfast. Confirm the dinner and night closing times, and if you are going to arrive later, contact the guards.
  • It is necessary to determine a person responsible for each group, in order to have a single interlocutor to whom the guard of the entrance to the refuge and explain all the new operating rules once in it.
  • The use of a mask is mandatory in all common areas of the refuge.
  • The shelters will not have rest shoes for common use, it is mandatory that each one carry them with them.
  • The shelters will not have blankets in the rooms, therefore it is necessary to bring a sleeping bag designed to avoid getting cold.
  • The shelters will not have pillows in the rooms.


A series of new rules of conduct and operation of shelters have been established. All of them, like those mentioned above, are based on the current COVID19 crisis, the new measures of physical distance and hygiene that need to be taken and the sustainability of mountain refuges.

We ask the mountaineering group to help us fulfill them. It is everyone's responsibility to ensure that mountain shelters and lodges can function properly despite this bad situation in which we find ourselves.

Some of these measures are:

  • It is important to keep the minimum distance and cleanliness measures in our stay in the refuge.
  • Upon arrival at the refuge, it will be necessary to carry out a disinfection of backpacks and hiking boots.
  • You will not be able to use the locker room to leave the backpacks, they must be brought up to the rooms.
  • When leaving the refuge in the morning, and due to the special cleaning and disinfection work that must be carried out, it will not be possible to leave any material in the refuge.
  • Limited capacity has been established in all the common spaces of the refuge: dining room, terrace, toilets, boatman ... These capacities will be indicated by signs at the entrance of each of these spaces. It is everyone's responsibility to fulfill them.
  • The shelter's accommodation capacity has been limited.
  • It will be necessary to clean hands with hydroalcoholic gel before each breakfast, lunch or dinner service that is carried out.
  • We must always pay attention to the instructions of the guard before these food services, since the distribution of the dining tables will be conditioned to the type of groups of guests. The groups that come together to the shelter will sit down to eat together.
  • Both through the guard and different posters throughout the refuge, you will be informed of the protocols and necessary measures to comply with.


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